Leader education and visa service (LEVS) is aimed at giving back to the community/society from what we get. Our director, Mr Rishi  Acharya who is also one of the director of International brother and sister home (an organization looking after disadvantaged and orphan children) has always kept philanthropic services in his topmost priority.

Our social responsibility towards the community and people is what we are focused into. We aim to give 10 percent of our company’s profits to orphan children of the developing countries like Nepal and Philippines who are deprived of the basic needs Not surprisingly, in the future with the growth in the company’s earning, we will undoubtedly extend our hands with other south Asian countries and moving forward around the globe to reach out to such children.

We hope to expand our service territories to other parts of South Asian neighborhood in accordance to the rise in our profits. It is us, you the valued clients and we the LEVIS family who can make this happen. We would be helped by the society to help the society.

Nevertheless, we try to look after the needy because "You and I make a better world".